Carpet Red Stain Removal Beaverton Or – Get the stains out!

Red Carpet Stain Removal Beaverton Or - Get the red out!Do you have red stains in your carpet and you live in the Beaverton, Oregon area?

If so, give us a call today at Greener Carpet Cleaning to get rid of those stains caused by Kool Aid, Red Wine, or other liquids that cause red stains.

In almost every case red stains in your carpet can be gotten rid of, but you need a carpet cleaning company that knows how to get rid of these stains effectively and safely.

There is no need to live with red stains in your carpet. Let’s take a look at common red stains that we see in clients carpets on a regular basis.

Common Red Stains in Carpet:

Red Kool Aid Stains: This is one of the most common type of stains a professional carpet cleaner sees on a regular basis. In the old days, 10 years or longer ago, this type of stain could be very difficult to get out. Not anymore! At least if you are a carpet cleaner that keeps up to date on the latest stain removal techniques. Red Kool Aid stains can also be one of the easiest stains to get out.

Wine Stains: While Kool Aid stains are very common, wine stains are darn near as common. Wine stain is a bit of a different than Kool Aid stains and it usually takes a different approach to get them out. At Green Carpet Clean we routinely get out tough wine stains in carpet and upholstery! If you have red wine stains don’t hesitate to give us a call. They will usually come out.

Red Stains from other liquids: The most common type of red stain is from Kool Aid and wine, but other liquids also contribute to red carpet stains. A variety of liquid beverages can contribute to red stains in your carpet and the process for getting these red stains out is the same as getting out most Kool Aid stains.

Red Carpet Stain Removal Beaverton Or – Call us Today at Greener Carpet Cleaning!

If you have red stains in your carpet, any type of red stain, and you cannot get it out. Give us a call today. We will be more than happy to come to your home, take a look at the red stain, and let you know HONESTLY what we can do with it. If we cannot get it out…you do not pay. Call us today!

If you need carpet cleaning in Beaverton, Or. and do not just need stain removal don’t hesitate to call.

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