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Pet Odor Removal Beaverton Or - Don't live with the odor!There is no reason to be embarrassed with pet odor in your carpet! We offer expert pet odor removal in Beaverton, Or. and the surrounding areas.

Pet odor is not something that can usually be removed with “normal” cleaning. In fact, if you try to clean pet stains, and the odor, with regular carpet cleaning methods you can actually end up with the carpet smelling worse! Not good.

So how do we clean pet stains and get rid of the pet odor in your carpet?

Let’s take a look at PROPER pet odor removal techniques. As we said before, pet odor removal is not normal cleaning. There are special techniques and cleaning agents that need to be used.

  • Find the source of the pet urine and odor: Not all stains actually show up to the naked eye. Many times the urine spots cannot be actually seen, and this can lead to many failed attempts at removing the stains and odor. The proper equipment is needed to locate all urine sources. If all urine sources are not found and eliminated you are almost guaranteed to have a bad end result.
  • Extract the urine from the carpet: Normal cleaning methods will RARELY get rid of the pet odor. Many times the urine is not only in the face fibers but also in the backing of the carpet, the pad, and the sub-floor. If a cleaner just tries to clean the face fibers they are missing most of the actual urine and will only end up making the carpet smell worse. At Greener Carpet Cleaning we use special extraction tools that allow us to remove most if not all of the urine before we even introduce our odor control agents. This is why we deliver outstanding pet odor removal services in Beaverton and the surrounding areas.
  • Eliminate the odor with odor control agents: At Greener Carpet Cleaning we use the best professional odor removal agents money can buy. These are not the type of cleaning agents that you can buy at the local grocery store. These are top of the line odor removal agents that work. This is another reason why we are very confident that we can remove most if not all odors in your carpet.

Pet Odor Removal Beaverton Or – Types of Pet Odor Removal

There are basically three types of pet odor removal categories and all three can be dealt with as long as you use the proper techniques. Below are the three types of pet odor issues you will usually have in your carpet.

  • Face Fiber Contamination: This is when the face fibers ONLY are affected with urine. Rarely, especially with large dogs, will the face fibers be the only part of the carpet contaminated with urine. If this is what you have in your carpet the success rate for removing the odor is really high. But as we said, most of the time the face fibers are not the only part of the carpet affected.
  • Face Fiber, Backing, and Padding Contamination: This category is probably the most common. In most cases the face fibers, the backing, and the padding of the carpet have urine in them. This is much more difficult to deal with than the first category, but in most cases in can be dealt with quite effectively. Special extraction tools are needed in order to take care of this type of urine.
  • Face Fiber, Backing, Padding, and Sub-Floor Contamination: This is the most serious type of pet odor contamination you can have and it cost the most money and takes the most time to fix. Not only does the carpet need to cleaned properly but the padding needs to be replaced and the sub-floor needs to be cleaned and sealed. At Greener Carpet Cleaning we can do this type of pet odor removal. In many cases this category of pet odor removal is the ONLY way to guarantee complete odor removal.

Guaranteed Pet Odor Removal Beaverton Or. – Call Today!

At Greener Carpet Cleaning we specialize in delivering the best pet odor removal services in the Beaverton, Or. area. We have the knowledge, experience, and proper cleaning agents to get rid of any pet odor you might have. Do not be fooled by carpet cleaning companies telling you that pet odor can be removed by normal cleaning. In 99% of the cases that is simply not true. Call us today for a FREE NO OBLIGATION quote on any pet odor removal services you need.

Not only do we offer expert pet odor removal, but we also offer high quality carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and oriental rug cleaning in Beaverton, Oregon. Call today. We guarantee high quality work and great client service.

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