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Green Carpet Cleaning Beaverton Or - Safe Cleaning Agents!Welcome to Green Carpet Clean of Beaverton, Oregon, where our number one goal is to deliver the the highest quality carpet cleaning, while doing it with safe carpet cleaning agents and at prices that are fair and honest.

You do not need to use harsh carpet cleaning chemicals to get your carpet clean, healthy, and looking great! Give us a call at (360) 513-6013 and we’ll be happy to answer any and all questions you have regarding our carpet cleaning service in Beaverton, Or. and the surrounding areas.

At Green Carpet Clean we deliver outstanding carpet cleaning in Beaverton, using safe, environmentally friendly carpet cleaning agents that are not only safe for us but for you, your family, your pets, and for the environment. Let’s take a look below at the services we offer at Green Carpet Clean.

Green Carpet Cleaning Beaverton – Carpet Cleaning Services We Offer

If you are in the need of high quality carpet cleaning in the Beaverton area give us a call today. Below are some of the reasons we think hiring Green Carpet Clean is a good idea.

  • High Quality Cleaning                             Beaverton Or Carpet Cleaners - Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Fast Dry Times
  • Safe Cleaning Agents
  • Free No Obligation Quotes
  • Fair and Honest Pricing
  • Free Bottles of Spotter
  • All Work 100% Guaranteed

Let’s take a look at each of the above.

High Quality Cleaning: At Green Carpet Clean we pride ourselves on delivering high quality carpet cleaning. We don’t just spray a little water on your carpet, suck it out, and run to the next room. We actually clean your carpet the right way, and we do it using safe cleaning agents. When your hire us to clean your carpets you can be assured that you will receive the highest quality cleaning.

Part of high quality cleaning is the removal of tough spots and stains. At Green Carpet Clean we offer EXPERT spot and stain removal. If you have tough pet stains, wine stains, coffee stains, rust stains, or any other type of stain we are confident that if we cannot get it out then no one else will be able to get it out.

Fast Dry Times: One of the biggest complaints people have with carpet cleaners is long dry times. If you hire us at Green Carpet Clean we can almost guarantee dry times in the two to four hour range. It is hard to say for sure how fast the carpets will take to dry because there are a number of issues that relate to dry times. But we are confident we offer fast dry times, especially when you consider how thoroughly we clean carpets.

Safe Cleaning Agents: We mentioned this before but you do NOT need to have harsh cleaning agents used on your carpet to get great cleaning results. Many cleaners use cleaning agents loaded with butyl and other harmful chemicals to clean carpets. There is no need for that! We use safe cleaning agents from Bi-O-Kleen, Planet Guard, and EnVirerX to get your carpets clean, healthy, and looking great.

Pre-spray is the cleaning agent that is used the most on your carpets, therefore that cleaning agent should be safe for you, your family, guest, and your pets. When you hire us to clean your carpets in Beaverton, Or. you can be assured that the pre-sprays we use are safe and VERY effective.

Free No Obligation Quotes: One of the biggest complaints people have when it comes to carpet cleaning companies is pricing games. At Green Carpet Clean you do not have to worry about us playing any pricing games with you. We give FREE NO OBLIGATION quotes on any service that we offer and we put all quotes in writing. We NEVER increase the price once you start having us clean for you. Guaranteed!

Fair and Honest Pricing: This one relates closely to FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTES but there is more to fair and honest pricing than just giving FREE quotes. When we talk about carpet cleaning in Beaverton, Or., and the surrounding areas, we also mean that we are not going to gouge you and tell you that other services are needed when they are not needed.

You also  have to be aware of the “Mercedes Client” issue. What is the Mercedes Client issue? Well it is when a carpet cleaners realizes you live in a very nice neighborhood and they decide to raise the price just because of that. They think you have plenty of money so they charge you more than they would charge someone else. It is completely wrong to do, it should NEVER be done, but it is a practice some carpet cleaners use.

Free Bottles of Spotter: Every time you use us at Green Carpet Clean we will give you a FREE bottle of high quality carpet cleaning spotter. This spotter is very safe to use and very effective. Not only will we give you a FREE bottle of spotter but we will also give you FREE refills for six months. Removing spots between carpet cleanings is really important and this spotter will help you do that.

All Work 100% Guaranteed: At Green Carpet Clean of Beaverton Or. we offer high quality cleaning and we stand behind our cleaning 100%. If you are not happy with the work we do you do not pay. Yep, it is that simple! If you are not happy with the results of the cleaning we do for you we don’t want your money! There is not a better carpet cleaning guarantee than that. But it also shows you how confident we are in the quality of the carpet cleaning we deliver on a regular basis.

Carpet Cleaners Beaverton Or – What method do we use?

One of the questions many people ask is what method do we use. Well the simply answer is that we use a number of different methods. You see, not all methods are best for the different types of carpets we clean.

Sometimes hot water extraction (sometimes referred to as steam cleaning although no steam is used) is the best way to clean carpets. Sometimes low moisture pad encapsulation carpet cleaning is the best way to clean a carpet. The bottom line is that a really good carpet cleaning company uses multiple methods to clean carpets.

At Green Carpet Clean of Beaverton, Or. we use many methods but the main method is hot water extraction. Why is that? Because in many cases hot water extraction is the best method for removing large amounts of soil. And when it comes to pet odor removal hot water extraction is vastly superior than any other carpet cleaning method. Most carpet manufacturers recommend HWE (hot water extraction for deep cleaning) but you can use other methods. Below are a few of the methods we use at Green Carpet Clean.

Shaw Industries, the largest manufacturer of carpets in the world, recommends HWE. You can click this link to see what Shaw recommends. So do not be mislead by “dry chemical” cleaning companies that try to convince you that hot water extraction is bad for your carpets. Listen to what the carpet manufacturers themselves say!

Carpet Cleaners Beaverton Or – Call Today For Clean Carpet!

If you live need carpet cleaning in Beaverton, Or. or the surrounding areas, please give us a call today at Green Carpet Clean. We will be more than happy to come to your home or place of business and give you a FREE NO OBLIGATION quote on any carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, oriental rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and pet odor removal service you need. We give you our absolute insurance that we will treat you with the courtesy and respect that you deserve and we will deliver outstanding cleaning results…GUARANTEED!

If you are not in the Beaverton area but need carpet cleaning or any other service we offer then take a look at the following cities we also serve.

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